„Top 10” – kilka słów wyjaśnienia. Dziś bez odpowiedniej promocji ciężko jest przebić się ze swoją stroną internetową do szerszego grona użytkowników. Dlatego też należy zainicjować wszelkiego typu działania mające na celu sprawienie, by jak najwięcej internautów odwiedziło naszą stronę www. Dlatego też warto pamiętać o pozycjonowaniu stron www, które ma na celu wypromowanie danej witryny w wiodących wyszukiwarkach internetowych. Jest to ważne, ponieważ zdecydowana większość wejść na poszczególne witryny ma miejsce właśnie z wyszukiwarek. Stąd też bardzo ważną rolę odgrywa tutaj na tyle wartościowe pozycjonowanie, aby nasza strona internetowa trafiła do „top10” wyników wyszukiwań.

Dlaczego właśnie top10?

Jest to o tyle istotne, że taka oto ilość witryn wyświetla się zazwyczaj na jednej stronie, a ludzie nie mają w większości przypadków w zwyczaju zapuszczania się na dalsze strony. Stąd też za cel większość firm pozycjonujących stawia sobie wprowadzenie danej strony, w naturalnych wynikach wyszukiwania na daną frazę, właśnie do czołowej dziesiątki. Dzięki temu strona zyskuje pewność większego ruchu, a to ma szansę przełożyć się na wymierne profity z kosztów poniesionych na działania pozycjonujące.

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  • п»їHow to Increase Penis Size Naturally – Penis Enlargement Exercise
    Table of Contents:
    Note: These Penis Enlargement Exercises are demonstrated in Penis Enlargement Bible Book by Professional Sex Educator Dr. John Collins.
    Know Your Penis:
    If you think you already know your penis, think again. It is not muscle or bone but a delicate soft tissue. Its growth was supported by body biochemicals during puberty. How you can make it grow after puberty is by means of this non- conventional penis enlargement exercise.
    Your penis has 3 cylinders (pencil-size, tube-like tissues) – two on top and one at the bottom where the urethra is and from which urine and sperm move through. These cylinders are protected by the Buck’s fascia, a tissue that enfolds cylinders together. Enlarging the Buck’s fascia along with the cylinders will give you a bigger penis.
    But first, what is your penis size?
    Measuring Your Penis:
    Do you know how to accurately measure your penis length? Here are the steps:
    Step 1 . Place the tip of your measuring device just hard enough against your pubic bone so you can feel it (the hard part beneath your pubic hair). Holding your penis, measure all the way to the tip, the top most part.

    Step 2 . Use a cloth measuring tape for an accurate reading. Do not follow a straight measurement from the tip down to the pubic bone but measure along curves and bends. Use a string as a substitute if you don’t have a cloth measuring tape. Simply measure the string you used to get the length of your penis by placing it against a ruler. The result (in inches, centimeters or millimeters) is your official penis length.
    Note: The pubic bone as the base to start measuring puts every measurement on the same level for each man especially for heavier men whose penis appear smaller because of fat in the area.
    Step 3. Girth measurement. Along the penis shaft, find its thickest part while erect and wrap the measuring tape all around and take note of how many millimeters or centimeters is your girth size.
    Penis Exercises – The Basics:
    In this guide, you will learn how to trap blood in the penis through exercises that will enlarge the blood vessels within so that you achieve a bigger penis. Now don’t be too eager to avoid harming your manly tool. Just be sure to follow instructions accordingly and carefully.
    Warming up:
    This is VERY IMPORTANT to prepare your penis for the exercise and avoid harming it.

    Soak a piece of washcloth in warm water; the hotter the better but not to the point of burning your skin.
    Wring it to squeeze the water out then wrap it around your penis and hold for a minute.
    Repeat the process two times more or up to 5 minutes.
    Dry your penis well using a fresh, soft towel.

    Stretching the skin of the penis while erect will help create tension in the erectile tissues to obtain longer penis ligaments to increase its length. It also helps increase skin elasticity and expands the spaces within the corpora cavernosa, a penis chamber. More blood within the expanded spaces results to an enlarged penis mass.
    Stretches: Do 4 sets of this 6 stretching exercise daily, warming your penis properly each time.

    Sit along the edge of the bed or sofa. Wrap your penis with your thumb and index finger, pulling your penis out in front for 30-40 seconds. With a gentle but firm grip, begin stroking from base to the head stretching as much skin as you can.
    Put your penis down for 30-40 seconds.
    Put it up once more, directly in front for 30-40 seconds.
    Gently pull your penis to the left (30-40 seconds).
    Do the same stretch, towards the right this time again for 30-40 seconds.
    Move your penis in circular motion (30-40 seconds).

    Once done stretching, let your penis relax to allow blood flowing again. You may feel the urge to ejaculate and that is alright, so go ahead. Always practice caution when doing the exercises. If you are doing the technique correctly, there would and should be no pain at all! Reread the instructions and go slowly in case of pain.
    Jelqing (a.k.a. milking):
    Stretching helps in lengthening the penis but doing it on a semi-erect penis helps gain circumference. Jelqing, on the other hand, is an ancient technique to help increase not only length but also weight, thickness and density for a proportionally enlarged member. Jelqing forces blood into the penis forcing spaces to grow to hold more blood.
    In standard jelqing, blood is forced into the penis shaft as you trap it in to expand the blood vessels using your hand. During the first few weeks using your forefinger and thumb to create an “O”, you grip your penis tightly at the base to milk your penis (similar to milking a cow) to force blood to the tip. Each motion from the base to the tip should last 3 seconds.

    Cover your penis in lubricant (never use soap). Keep a lubricant jar handy; you may constantly need to reapply.
    Squeeze the base of your penis shaft using your thumb and forefinger, pulling downward to the base. Stroke repeatedly, alternating hands, each stroke lasting 3 seconds until your penis is semi-erect (not fully erect).
    Grip tightly at the base of your semi-erect penis using your left thumb and forefinger.
    Gently but firmly pull your penis from the base to the head while maintaining semi-erection, stretching it out downward. Each stroke must be from base to head. The head would swell as blood rushes to it.
    Switch to your right hand. Repeat the “milking” strokes, again from base to head covering the entire penis except the topmost part of the head.

    PC Muscle Workout:
    The basics of Kegels is when you try to hold your urine in using your PC muscle, clenching the said muscle for as long as you can. Notice how you try to squeeze the last drop of urine out and your anus feels like it is open? That’s your PC muscle working the opposite way. Kegel exercises are easy and simple and you can do it anywhere. Its benefits include:

    Better control of urine flow during old age (a condition called urine incontinence).
    Faster and greater arousal.
    Longer-lasting performance in bed.
    Improved and more satisfying orgasms.

    Note: Too much PC muscle use could lead to overproduction of testosterone and could lead to premature ejaculation. Be sure to follow this guideline and you will learn how to control your ejaculation better.
    Penis Exercises – Advanced:
    Advanced Stretching:

    Wrist stretch – is putting an amount of pressure on the middle section of your penis to further stretch ligaments, but ONLY your penis has been trained with the basic exercises.

    Sit with one leg up and put your hand beneath. Reach out to grip below the head of your penis, pull with full force, holding it for 10 minutes. Repeat the process using the other hand and the other leg.
    The Big Squeeze:
    More like a stretch, this exercise requires you to squeeze your penis. Lay your penis flat on a table and with the palm of your hand (one hand on top of the other), squeeze down on it, pressing with all of your weight. Do this for 45 seconds.
    Advanced Jelqing:
    Start the exercise like a standard jelq using your right hand moving up your shaft covering only an inch. Grab the base with your left hand where your right hand was (after it has moved up) to trap the blood within.
    Use your right hand to jelq up to the part below the head. At this point, more blood should be trapped. As your right-hand releases, your left hand should jelq up to the same spot below the head, this time your right hand gripping the base. Continue with this lengthening cycle keeping the erection at 95%.
    This is solely for girth gain. Start as you did with the previous exercise, your one hand positioned at the base, the other just below the head. With so much blood already trapped in your penis, keep a tight grip as you push your hands together for 30-60 seconds, forcing blood outward.
    REMEMBER: Penis should have been warmed up properly before doing this exercise and it should remain 95% erect.
    Grab the ends of your shaft, one hand on each end and bend your penis forward, slowly from top to bottom for 30-45 seconds. Repeat the process, bending this time towards the opposite direction.
    It important to warm up before doing this exercise and keep the erection at 95%.
    Warming Down:
    End each exercise with a warm down using a hot towel as heat helps the penis recover and rebuild cell tissues faster. After covering the area with a hot towel, massage your penis for 1 minute. Run your fore and middle fingers along the shaft and base. Be gentle as your penis may be a little tender after the exercises. After massaging, apply heat a second time to stimulate the parts to function well again.
    Penis Exercises: The Schedule:
    Weeks 1-3: 15-20 minutes each day; standard stretching and standard jelqing

    Use the first 2-3 minutes preparing your penis with massage and warm cloth, followed by standard stretching; each stretch (up, down, outward, right, left and around) for 30 seconds. Keep your penis flaccid at this point to avoid any harm. Does this cycle two times?
    Do some Kegels (PC muscle exercises). Flex PC muscles as you would when holding your urine, hold for as long as you can then release. Rest after 20 minutes. Wrap your penis in the warm towel to help it relax then repeat the exercise.
    Now do a standard jelq for 10 minutes then warm down. Do this exercise for 5 days, rest for 2 days. You will notice an improved erection. On the 3 rd week, do 10 minutes of double-handed jelq.

    Weeks 4-5: 15-20 Minutes Each Day:
    Standard stretching – 5 minutes
    Sit with your back straight. Lubricate your penis and with one hand, grab its base moving towards the head squeezing the shaft in the process. Repeat the process using the other hand, squeezing for 3-5 seconds, keeping your penis flaccid.
    Standard jelqing – 5 minutes
    Wrap your penis in your hand, moving it up to the head to push more blood into it. Once there, use your other hand to do the same, alternating both hands in the process.
    Wrist stretch – 5 minutes
    Firmly grip your penis just below the head and do gentle stretching up and down, left and right.
    Big squeeze – 2 minutes
    Using your palm, squeeze down to put just enough pressure on your penis as it placed on a table, keeping at it for a couple of minutes.
    Weeks 6-8: 20-30 Minutes Each Day:
    Your body will feel better by this time, the last transitional phase as you reach the end of this cycle. So far, there’s no need to do anything further but you may split your exercises (some during the morning, some during the night) to better prepare your penis for the advanced exercises.
    Week 8: 15 minutes on each intense workout
    Always Remember! Warm up before an exercise and warm down after.
    Most Impotent: Jelqing is really safe if done properly, It can increase your penis length and girth in short time. Even if you do everything correctly, you can see some changes to your penis.
    You can easily Prevent the Injury Just Be Careful:
    1. The most important always do proper worm up and worm down.
    2. Never Jelq on Pain Point.
    3. Keep Grip in check.
    4. Always use more lubricant, Do not use soap.
    The secrets of “how to increase penis size naturally” have now been revealed to you. With the Penis Enlargement Bible (Read Review Here ) to guide you fully, there is no reason for you to continue feeling inadequate because of a small penis. There is something you can do about it and the time to do it is now! Don’t waste precious money on pills and other so-called techniques that don’t work or eve undergo expensive surgery.


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